Thursday, March 15, 2007

The blog must go on...

So what do you do when you return from the airport somewhat travel careworn and jet-lagged? Do you unpack and start the washing machine? Do you catch up on all your emails and then catch up on sleep? Or do you realise that the latest blog party hosted by Stephanie at Dispensing Happiness actually ends today so if you want to take part you better shimmy and whip up some shower-inspired canapés? Stephanie had pre-warned the last month’s attendees that the latest theme was either a baby or bridal shower but hadn’t said when the party was being held. And unfortunately for me she announced it whilst I was away from access to the internet and it snuck up on me. As I would never want to deny Stephanie a chance to check out further additions to my burgeoning crockery collection I thought I better get my act together. For a very unusual departure from my strictly monochromatic teetering piles of crockery/tableware I decided that a little pink would bring some colour into my life. And just so suitable for a shower!

Thinking about the concept of a bridal or baby shower I was thinking that this would be a girlie event and hence I could think pink! I think I’d probably want to cook for a bridal shower as a baby shower definitely requires bump friendly food and in my virtual bridal shower party, all the girls happily consume seafood and rare meat – luckily!

As I only had a short time to prepare and had to use what fortunately came in the Ocado delivery today or what paltry remains I had in the fridge, I had to be creative. So hence here are my hastily created rose tinted nibbles to soothe a jetlagged soul.

Firstly, in pink eggcups bought for the occasion, I thought a very creamy gloriously golden (courtesy of those busy little Old Cotswold Legbar chickens) scrambled egg would be a tasty little appetiser. Then a selection of further warm canapés, fluffy little new potatoes topped with slices of very rare beef fillet, vibrant pesto and Parmesan and then traditional blinis but topped with a pesto cream and thick cut tsar salmon fillet.
For a finale I didn’t have time to make my own chocolate extravaganza but I thought a cheeky little Gü pot au chocolate decanted into a little pink espresso cup topped with some raspberries would go down extremely well. For drinks for all the bump-free girls I would serve a Kir Imperial, my ever so favourite Champagne and Chambord cocktail but lacking Champagne I opted for a more bump–friendly elderflower cordial with a plump raspberry and just to continue the self imposed pink theme – served it in a pink glass. Cheers everyone! Hopefully some suitably blush-coloured titbits to toast the blushing bride to be! And now, maybe that sleep!

I will be blogging some of that stupendous food I've enjoyed recently both here and there but... sleep first!

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