Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Elbow room

Just in case you were wondering, the difference between a golfer's elbow and tennis elbow is your mobility. With tennis elbow you can't bend your arm comfortably which makes many everyday tasks nigh on impossible. But fortunately golfer's elbow means that the difficult operation is straightening the arm for which I am grateful as I can still work, stab at the keyboard (that's how I normally type), gently cook and even more importantly cut my own food up. And I get to take all manner of drugs!
But I'm not up to whipping up some eggs to make a soufflé at this present time so it was fortunate I had a Seafood Lover's salmon soufflé in my freezer for some such emergencies. But I had to make a small adjustment, I just couldn’t bring myself to eat it out of the rather unfetching gold foil container so I peeled it off and popped the frozen soufflé into a more attractive china ramekin. And yes, you are supposed to cook them from frozen. I accompanied my soufflé with the remaining yellow flowering broccoli and a sautéed potato flower. I had one solitary new potato remaining so this seemed to be a way to eke it out, though I guess calling it a side dish would be a little grandiose, perhaps garnish would be more appropriate.
I forgot to dry the slices though and if I'd prepped them like the potato scales the other day and chilled them after anointing with butter they'd have been firmer and easier to sauté. No matter, they added a little crisp touch to the soufflé. The soufflé itself was pretty tasty, it had pleasing chunks of salmon but the texture could have been a little fluffier, more souffléd if you will, but perhaps the timing was a bit out as I insisted on the ramekin instead of the foil. And as is always the way with a soufflé it looks much puffier and more attractive when I took it out of the oven and than dashed to pop it on plate and takes its picture. Unfortunately it very quickly started to sink so I thought a second deployment of the Gordon plate might add a little gravitas but at least this time I stayed far away from dribbles of balsamic or in fact dribbles of anything.
The Seafood Lover’s salmon soufflé is certainly not a bad freezer standby.
Maybe next time I'll leave it in the foil and see the difference, if any, it makes to the texture.
Or even better, next time I'll have two fully functioning elbows and I'll make my own extremely souffléd soufflé!

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