Thursday, March 22, 2007

A pink salad

Well now I have pink plates it seems somewhat rude not to use them and I harked back to a conversation with D as to what would look best on the aforementioned pink plates. I remember we considered salmon, rosy pink Parma ham or red mullet contrasted with some verdant green of cucumber or mâche (lamb's lettuce) and I'm fairly sure we started dreaming up all sort of pink desserts. The thought of an unctuous slice of ever so dark chocolate tart with a little raspberry couli and a few fresh raspberries was mooted also. Though saying that, I think D is worried that if I claim that she was partook in these conversations people may doubt her sanity so to protect the innocent she was only privvy to my rose-tinted random meanderings, I am sure she wouldn't indulge in such bizarre ponderings of her own volition, she's just way too sensible for that!
I can't remember if we (sorry I mean I) considered rare steak but when I thought I'd eke out a little steak fillet by making a very rare beef and mâche salad garnished with some of the finest pesto and shavings of Parmesan and drizzled with the increasingly unfashionable Balsamic vinegar, I thought it might be finished off nicely by serving it on a pink plate.

And I'm not sure whether it improved the flavour but this was a very tasty and effortless salad and gave me a rosy glow so I think, power to the pink!

M wants it to be known that she feels only desserts could possibly work on a pink plate, and everything else is just wrong! I just think she's jealous of my pink plates and I bet next time she hanging around the crockery department in M&S (well, we like to keep the fetish in the family!) she will be checking them out!

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