Thursday, March 15, 2007

Our final "meal" in the US

Well 'meal' is maybe a little grand, our last snack in the US was at Orlando airport. There had been some sandwiches and wraps at the hotel before we left but K and I weren't so impressed and hence still hungry. I had a rather odd craving for a 'proper' hotdog and this is what I ended up with. I eschewed the proffered cheese on the chips as this seemed rather odd to me but then I'm sure other people would think that me liking malt vinegar liberally sprinkled on my chips would be weird also! I can assure you I haven't enhanced the lurid colour of the hotdog, this was as it came "au natural". I guess the luminious glow would be useful for nocturnal scoffing.
I wouldn't want one often but the hotdog hit the spot!
K (who possibly is the tiniest person in the world) couldn't decide what of the "fine" Italian fare to partake of so got a plate of tomato doused pasta and pepperoni pizza and garlic bread. Well she had a long flight!
She reckons that the pasta in particular was good. I think I ate better than K but then with all the tomato, what am I going to say?
This er "feast" was extremely different from my first meal in the US on this trip but we can't eat Michelin starred gorgeousness every day!

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Kilgore said...

Although I love haute cuisine, the one thing I miss from the states are cheesedogs. Yum!