Friday, January 19, 2007

Burgers for gourmets

There are many gourmet burgers available at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen but I generally always plump for the same one - a classic cheese burger but without the salad (dreaded tomatoes), relish (possibly more tomatoes) and definitely not the mayonnaise. And my what a fine burger it is! I haven’t been here for over a year but it’s still as good as ever. D reckons the burgers have shrunk but I still struggle to finish mine - late lunch I’m afraid! D and MC are staying with me because we’re off to Vive la France tomorrow and GBK called to us as we passed.
In the past I have tried the Pesterella, which has pesto and mozzarella and enjoyed it, but burgers for me really have to have come with some good mature Cheddar and preferably some fat chips.
And I blame my Northern roots but I really have to add the chips to my cheeseburger. That to me is burger perfection!
D and MC aren’t so faithful to their usuals and select a classic with some mozzarella and a chilli burger respectively. And we share a small bowl of fat chips between us.
One thing I particularly admire about the Gourmet Burger Kitchen is burgers is all they do. There have a good choice of them and a couple of salads but that’s it. There are vegetarian burgers, exotic burgers and chicken burgers. The meat in the beef burgers is 100% Aberdeen-Angus scotch beef and very tasty and moist and a million miles away from some burger purveyors’ wares. There are no starters and no desserts, just burgers but damn fine burgers. I’m not sure how I’ve managed to stay away for so long. A burger fork for GBK.

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Sumeera said...

Any chance for a GBK classic burger recipe? I missed from London to NYC and greatly miss the classic cheeseburger.