Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The feeding of the 5,000

Wow, I've had more than 5,000 visitors drop by into my little travelling fork blog and read what I'm eating, reading, watching and feeding. Obviously some of you stumbled into it whilst looking for other things (especially if like me you accidentally spelt Atul Kotcher’s name incorrectly or have a predilection for ‘ginger bells’!) and I do hope you find something to titillate your taste buds.

I only started counting visitors avidly in September and I don’t think I ever thought so many of you would pop in. And even more pleasing, some of you come back for more!

As there’s very little danger of me stopping eating, I guess I’m going to continue to have plenty to blog about. I’ve already got a few further fork forays into Stockholm, Copenhagen, Tallinn (Estonia), St. Petersburg, Gdynia (Poland), Warnemunde (Germany), Orlando and Paris planned, but not all on one trip!

Maybe some of you stop by to answer a few questions: will I ever eat a tomato? (The answer is “not ever never!”), will I ever stop buying cookery books? (Unlikely) and can some sort of potato nirvana ever really be achieved? (My holy grail will have to be to continue searching and tasting until maybe one day…)

I do so love to have you visit; I wish I could feed all 5,000 of you but my table isn’t big enough and I haven’t (quite!) got enough plates. But if you’re ever in the vicinity, I’d love to whip us up some tasty treats!

Thank you so much for dropping by.

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