Friday, January 26, 2007

What Dean did next and the return of MasterChef

MasterChef goes large is back every weekday on BBC2 at 6.30 pm and I hope we don’t have another “Dean should have won” debacle. Though saying that Digger Dean or to call him by his real name, Dean Edwards has done very well and after a stint at Midsummer House in Cambridge he is running his own catering company in Bristol where he reproduces his culinary magic at dinner parties in your own home. I guess only if you live in Bristol unfortunately, though! The merest glance at the web will prove that many believed he was the true star of the last series, who could forget his nightmare egg cooking for hundreds on a cruise ship whilst Peter stayed in bed ill, hmmm convenient!
Peter, as many believe to be the undeserved winner, has produced a cook book but I haven’t felt the need to add it to my collection. Daksha, the other finalist is also doing very well cooking her Guajarati treats at people’s homes. There was an interesting catch up programme last Monday showing the life changes that have impacted nearly all of the finalists from the last two series. It’s great to see that this show has really turned out contestants that are now earning their living through cooking. The original MasterChef series back in Loyd Grossman and Gary Rhodes' time produced definitely a few well known TV chefs and a raft of cook book writers (including Sue Lawrence from the Blueprint Café event last night) but I don’t think so many went from amateur to professional after their experience.

I did apply for the first series of the new MasterChef before I realised what it was all about. But on the questionnaire we were asked if we wanted to change our lives and become a professional chef and as much as I totally adore food, cooking, eating and all the other foodie diva things I cram into my life, I am not willing to spend my life in a restaurant kitchen. I love visiting professional kitchens but they are so unbelievably hot, I could never wear white and I just don’t do early mornings! I think very much I should stick to feeding me and others just for pleasure as I don’t think I could ever do it for real!

So MasterChef goes large is going to be a purely watchable treat and not a participation event for me, though I do find that I spend a lot of time discussing the more random opinions on the contestants of John Torode and Gregg Wallace. I was pleased to see Ben win the first week on the new series, I think he is a worthy winner and look forward to seeing next week’s contestants beginning on Monday. I still think that the way John and now Gregg over extend their mouths when sampling a forkful of the food is very curious and always makes me think of the ‘wide mouthed frog’. What is that about?
But to see someone else change their life possibly forever, check out the new MasterChef goes large... I know I will be. And I'll try not to mention the "Dean was robbed" travesty again, promise!

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