Monday, January 29, 2007

Gordon, we're coming!

In March I happen to be ‘forced’ to spend an evening in New York so to soften the blow I’m off to Gordon Ramsay’s new Manhattan restaurant – London and I’m seriously excited! When I say ‘forced’, I think self imposed layover so I can experience the culinary genius that is Gordon would be more appropriate. Because of flight schedules, I alight from my transatlantic flight in Newark airport, sprucing up and changing into the suitable Michelin establishment attire in the tiny toilet beforehand and then have to hot-foot it straight to the restaurant in deepest Manhattan.
But it’s a very small sacrifice for such gastronomic nirvana! I also just heard that one of my epicurean cohorts for this adventure is ‘with bump’, yes another one!
So let’s hope Gordon’s New York crew cater as fabulously for N and bump as Petrus did for H and bump.

Just check out the menu prestige.
Mmmm, I can smell lobster ravioli already!

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