Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Swanning around the White Swan

I'd heard things about the food in the White Swan in Fetter Lane but we were in the bar not the restaurant and when we finally got around to ordering, the interesting menu had been reduced to one option - sausages and mash. Well I'm hardly going to complain too much about that but unfortunately I found the pork and leek sausages and mustard mash a little lack lustre. The sausages were meaty and a very firm texture so you could pleasingly cut them carefully into perfect slices but just didn't seem to taste of that much. I couldn't really identify the mustard in the mash either.
Though perhaps I'm being harsh, I’d had a seriously long and tiring day and possibly my taste buds had gone to sleep. I would really like to revisit the White Swan and try the restaurant. It all looked very promising and I'm not sure the Hobson's choice menu and my extreme fatigue did the place justice. I did take a picture of my plate of comfort food but unfortunately only on my camera phone and so far it doesn't seem to want to relinquish it. I've been assured it can but when I try the screen goes all Cyrillic on me – that can’t be right!

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