Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A bagel already!

Having only been a recent convert to the joy of a fine bagels, I haven’t branched much beyond a smoked salmon and cream cheese (ideally with a touch of chives if available) and with a twist of lemon and black pepper. But today I fancied something a little different so I selected a Bagels Already cheese bagel topped with pesto, cheese and ham. And it was really good! The cheese bagel has a bite of onion running through it; in fact it’s more than a bite as it makes your lips tingle. And the ham wasn’t flabby and processed but had a nice hammy flavour. The pesto was a nice touch and finished it off nicely.

Handily the bagel comes in a little yellow New York cab style box with enough tissue paper to create a barrier and prevent the inevitable crumbs showering over me.

This was a delicious worthy contender to the smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel creation. And maybe it’s sacrilegious, but I like mine toasted. Forgive me; I am not a New Yorker!

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