Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pie EATer

I popped into EAT (aka Excellence and Taste) today for a pie. I was tired, it was cold and very suitable pie weather. They had a new addition to the range – cauliflower cheese. I could see there was a tomato on top so I asked if there was tomato on the inside as well. The very kind EAT person ducked through a door marked private and consulted with some hidden pie guru returning to assure me that tomato wasn’t to darken my pie. Ah but it was! On returning to the office and turning the EAT pie box into a plate just as you’re encouraged to do I deftly removed the offending tomato from on top of my pie. But on sticking my fork in, I discovered that my tomato free cauliflower cheese pie had indeed been tainted with the evil red stuff. The only good thing is that tomato stands out well in all that pale creaminess and I was able to laboriously pick each tiny bit out. And despite this effort, this was a fine pie. I love cauliflower cheese and then in a pie also, my little Northern heart skipped a beat! All it needed was some mash!

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