Sunday, January 07, 2007

HP sauce

I got a fabulous new HP laptop for Christmas, my elderly Vulcan (yes, I’ve never heard of them before or since either!) was nearing the end of its little life and was staggering though each task assigned to it including my personal favourite, staying switched on.
I had a few criteria for my new flat little box of tricks - stacks of memory, Intel 2 Core Duo processor, wireless and of course, damn gorgeous! And it is! So shiny and black, chock full of memory and replete with a soothing aquarium screensaver.
The only downside is that my old one had been loaded with the Microsoft Office suite and of course you don’t just get that when you buy a laptop. I never realised how much I’d miss my Outlook, my Word, my Excel and even my Powerpoint. It’s rather sad really! I am Office dependent. Microsoft must be so proud!

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