Tuesday, July 25, 2006

You are being counted!

Apparently most blogs only last 4 months and then peter out but I can assure you gentle reader (I've always wanted to write that!) that I haven't finished eating yet so there's plenty more to write about! In honour of passing the 4-month milestone I've finally figured how to add a visitor counter to my blog. The black on black one was a little too stealthful even for me but the white version seems to be doing its job.
I've been asked quite a few times recently why I started a blog. I fell into it like many people do I guess. I was reading someone else's and I thought 'I could do that!' and frankly it's very easy. Though that begs the question - why would I want to? In the past I'd made several attempts to record fabulous meals and interesting things I'd seen or read but a Palm Pilot that inconveniently crashed and having my purse and notebook stolen from my handbag meant that various efforts were thwarted. I contribute to the Harden's restaurant guide each year and I generally could remember the restaurants but not always the food, and this is a good as medium as any to record my ramblings or rumblings. Initially I didn’t tell anyone about my blog and intended keeping it secret - yes, I know secret on the Internet is rather an oxymoron! But when I let slip to D that I had a blog, she was very persuasive. And then M wanted to read about our trip on the OE to Venice so I gave her the address also.
I want it to be all about the food and less about me, hence the anonymous profile. I am positive I have written nothing that could possibly offend my employer but I don't need my clients to look at me differently because they don't share my love of mash potatoes. And I have read Dooce and am very well aware the power of blogs. And I do have other interests beyond food... occasionally, like shiny, sparkly things, Coco Chanel and West Wing but I thought I'd write about something I get to do everyday (and a weblog about breathing seems a little biological!)
I guess it is indulgent but as the theme of my blog seems to be indulgence, it all appears very fitting! So it's my indulgence!
Now back to the eating…!

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