Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The art of balsamic

Flame-haired H has been saying that he’s gone off balsamic vinegar as it tastes just too well vinegary. I felt that here was challenge I could rise to. A little drizzle of Harvey Nix finest over some mâche (only because I happened to have a stray bottle on my desk) and then a purchase of a bottle of my beloved Belazu soon taught the error of his ways – if you buy cheap balsamic, that is exactly what you get! And he has been convinced, well almost. The Belazu has gone home to be savoured but a cheaper bottle of vinegar and caramel has appeared amongst the desk’s condiments for his lunch time salads. Evidently I still have work to do!
Talking of having balsamic on my desk (next to the post-it notes actually!), I realise that I seem to have acquired quite a batterie de cuisine about my desk. In my drawer with all my expense receipts, old business card and pens etcetera I have and lemon zester, cheese slice, paring knife and a magic whisk (well, how would I whip up a French dressing?). I have plenty of cutlery, especially soup spoons as there is no way I could ever lay my hand on a spoon in this office when the urge to consume soup struck me. I also have a salt and pepper mill and for the aforementioned French dressings – Dijon, olive oil and a fine chardonnay vinegar. I feel it’s important to be prepared for every culinary whim whilst in the office. Though I know I’ve gone too far when a couple of Globals and a pasta machine appears!

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