Tuesday, July 25, 2006

But the bump is hungry!

Today will go down in history as the day H & I ate and perhaps blaming the bump won’t cut it. Curiously we had both skipped breakfast, I know bad start. So when we heard there were unclaimed sad and lonely sausages left over from a breakfast meeting we went on the hunt and rounded up enough to make a couple of very fine sandwiches. Sated we still thought that a light lunch would be in order and rustled up a hot chicken and bacon bits strewn over mâche. But on return from our trip to Waitrose we discovered that word had got out that we’d happily live off sausages and sausages wrapped in bacon, chicken wings and bump intolerant Palma ham wraps were waiting for us leftover from a lunch meeting. Don’t these people ever eat? We had our salad and some of the additional treats and when the afternoon just stretched too long without food we forced ourselves (!) to consume a Gü raspberry and chocolate dessert (we shared little black polystyrene tub of Gü raspberry and chocolate icecream with the table yesterday – all in the name of research I may add!). Fortunately I didn’t eat another thing after the Gü treat, though I don’t know if a certain bump managed to bypass their toast craving. Tomorrow we are going all Michelin starred and we have a tasting menu to consume – so no sausages!

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