Friday, July 07, 2006

Cambridge Cream

Okay I was several hours late arriving in Cambridge. So instead of hitting the kitchen we headed for Cafe Rouge. The Cambridge Cafe Rouge is rather sweet; the walls are decorated with little painted pictures of a chef, a cooker, various bits of tableware and bees. I was unable to tear myself away from the chicken liver parfait and the gorgeously plump breadsticks dipped into extremely garlicky butter. Main was the chicken with herb mash, chosen because both D and I were craving mash. The mash was okay but a little rough. Clearly this is in a totally different class to Gary Rhodes' mash heaven. His is funky little copper pans filled with the creamiest, most unctuous mounds of potato nirvana. With each mouthful you can hear angels sing! Unfortunately the Cafe Rouge mash was more perfunctory and maybe even slightly grey! It was improved by asking for some extra butter to mash into it. But to little avail, it seems that Gary has spoilt me for all other mashes! I've should have taken T's (or LLT now!) lead and gone for the steak and frites and then I wouldn't have compared the sadly inferior mash! D and I split a simple crème brûlée, which considering the location I should really call Cambridge Burnt Cream.

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