Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Smoked Salmon Craving

Today I have a massive craving for a smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich a la Corney & Barrow but I don’t know where to lay my hands on one and I have along schlep across the city to O & co. Well it only seems a long schlep in this heat – fantastic weather for sunbathing ducks! After my errand in O & co I espy an unfamiliar Italian sandwich shop called Spianata and think it looks worthy of a try. They have these fantastic breads surrounded the sandwiches and after pondering between mozzarella and prosciutto or Tallegio and speck I see a mirage in the haze – a smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich in foccacio bread. Okay not very Italian – but exactly what I craved. And it was bellisimo!

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