Sunday, July 09, 2006

Cheese & Meat Feast

The final meal of the weekend was beef at the request of T (of the LLs!). And with a slight nod to the summery weather we opt for thick slices of rare beef interleaved with buffalo mozzarella, sautéed new potatoes and of course - all together now - mâche! We wanted beef fillet but a plague of locusts had wiped out much of the stock on M&S's shelves so we plumped for rump. The beef and mozzarella really go together so well, the mild creaminess and the peppery chewiness. But before the beef we tucked into the new M&S cheese soufflé. They're okay, very cheesy but they don't rise very satisfactorily due to there not being enough mixture. However, their saving grace is the pleasing elliptical (yet round at the same time) white ceramic pots supplied to pour the slightly mean amount of the soufflé mixture into. They are very delicate and definitely fine enough to join the huge collection! Now if only I had more cupboard space! (Note: LL-T managed to appear in the soufflé shot - he has been keen to increase his prominence!)
Dessert was either a slice of raspberry cheesecake or a melting middle chocolate pudding. I know that I was truly fortified for the journey back. A marvellous end to this visit to Cambridge. Next time is the ‘Black Tie and Diamonds’ dinner – better dust off that tiara!

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