Saturday, July 08, 2006


After another fine breakfast fry-up courtesy of MC we head for Burwash Manor to get some goodies for the barbeque. D and I have espied an 'olive' recipe for butterflied chicken breast and pesto cream so it's off to Mr Knibb's for some of his finest poultry. We also succumb to the call of his onion marmalade sausages as really they should be mandatory for all barbeques. (LL)T has rejected both the chicken and pesto cream so it's lamb burgers for him. And there's also tasty back bacon and chipolatas for a Sunday indulgence. We also stock up on some excellent cheeses from The Pantry including Montgomery Cheddar, Isle of Mull Cheddar and an excellent Brie de Meaux with black pepper encrusted biscuits. This fine feast was accompanied by the ubiquitous mâche and parcels of Boulangere Potatoes courtesy of (dare I say it) Ainsley Harriot! - Occasionally he has a good idea when you get past all the Suzy Salt and Percy Pepper rubbish. There was a tricky moment when it transpired that we had a fuel-less barbeque but a mad dash by D and MC saved the day. Perhaps the sausages weren't actually needed but damn fine they were anyway. And the pesto and crème fraîche were extremely good. I think MC considerately licked the bowl clean! We were even able to catch the last few sun rays without being either rained on or bitten! Result!
Another fabulous meal at the finest of Cambridge restaurants!

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