Sunday, January 27, 2008

Stuffed Yorkshire Pudding

M&S sell these crusty Yorkshire puddings with a little extra, lurking inside the crisp batter shell is a succulent stew of steak and a light gravy. I wanted to accompany it with something green so stirred up this melange of finely sliced leek rounds, a few handfuls of frozen petits pois and some shredded lettuce.
And I succumbed to a couple of new plates in the January sales (and yes hard to believe my restraint but I only bought two!) so here is my Julien Macdonald white platinum lace plates. What was a surprise is that the way the platinum reflects the surroundings I was convinced these were black and silver; it was quite a surprise to find when I got them home that they weren’t. They are rather lovely though! I seem to have been attracted to quite a few pieces of Julien Macdonald's loveliness, I can only assume he has seen into my oh so sparkly soul and is designing with me in mind. Well I like to think so anyway!

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It is never too late to learn.