Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Terribly tardy tidings of 2008!

I just seem to be in a permanent state of playing catch up. As soon as all my little ducks are in a row (and I have many a duck to have in a row!) then a large duck destroying spanner is thrown into the works. As soon as my blog is bang up to date I then have a flurry of exciting bloggable events (not that I’m complaining about that) coupled with some sort of lurgy, tons of work deadlines or random blog writing-preventing impediments thrown at me. The end of last year was just a heap of time consuming, sleep depriving small matters of flood and pestilence though thankfully no fires! And due to all these domestic obstacles I was extraordinarily lax in my annual Christmas card creation activities. Yes I know, it would be so much easier to avail myself of a box of two of John Lewis’ finest but I like to make things a little more interesting for myself. So in lieu of an enormous pile of gastronomic delights to reminisce about and drool over, here is the belated card I put together as a humble apology for my dreadful lack of festive missives. I utilised some of my photographs from this years fabulous feasts and with a bit of help Photoshop managed to construct a passable albeit hasty e-card. If the little trees were slightly larger I could perhaps run a competition to ask you to identify which images from my blog I selected. Though even though you can’t see it very well you may be able to guess what I might have used for my star!

For those of you I have dined so elegantly and tastily with over the last few weeks I promise that eventually all will be revealed and you’re going to once again be able to relive that honey and chilli ice cream, the pudding of the day, the magnificent bird within a bird within a bird, the deconstructed crème brulee, the second annual Cambridge seafood festival, the most stunning melt in the mouth Daube de Boeuf “Mamon Novelli”, the cheesiest day ever, the finest of the fine dining at the French, bubble and squeak, Jamie’s delicious lamb, a plethora of beautiful crockery (and hardly any of it mine!), adventures with a Flavour Shaker, the shiniest and pointiest new Global knife and so much more. Firstly there's a tiny matter of a not so tiny party to organise and maybe then I can chain myself to the laptop and blog 'til it's 2009.

A tasty 2008 to you all!

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