Friday, January 04, 2008

Today I have been mostly eating cheese

D has driven me back to London with the car laden with Christmas and sale shopping booty, but it’s that awkward time of the day. It is way too late for lunch per se but just a tad early for dinner, that means that eatery options are somewhat limited. That special aroma that wood fired oven baked pizzas emit mingled with garlic juices draws us in to Pizza Express. We are led to our little round table and glancing around note something quite peculiar. We seem to be the only people in here not with child, and I don’t mean pregnant but we are unique in the fact we aren’t dining en famille. So as you can imagine the noise level and the amount of post-Christmas glitter and pink marabou (the hair ornament of choice it seems) is higher than I would expect.

We pounce on their new cheesy mushroom starter though need much reassurance that it’s not goats’ cheese wrapped in Parma ham on a fat mushroom, but it wasn’t (thankfully) it was an unctuous melting soft cheese and was rather delicious! To go with the mushroom with had some incredibly cheesy and garlicky bread. Yes, more cheese!
I had the non-tomato pizza on the menu, the crème fraîche based pizza with ham, mushrooms and lashings of cheese on that lovely crispy Roma base. D went for something more olive-y and tomato-y, well each the their own! We started the day with our oozy cheese sandwich of mozzarella in carrozza and then finished with two more cheese dishes, Gromit would be so proud!

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