Friday, January 18, 2008

On your marks...chop!

Okay I’m ready! I’ve been to Waitrose and stocked up on the ingredients for tonight cookalong with Gordon Ramsay cookathon. I’m sharpened my knives and assembled all the pre-requisite kitchen paraphernalia – I’m not normally so hot on the mis en place but I thought it would be fun to really join in. It’s been touted as the first live cooking show that you can join in. Not true as D and I are aficionados of the Sunday Lunches they used to do on Good Food on UKFood. Though I never actually cooked along to any of those shows.

This menu looks very straightforward, though I’d have to make so many alterations to the Scallops and Salsa starter it’s hardly worth me doing (I’d have to lose the tomatoes, olives and coriander) so to make sure I’m not really cheating I have substituted this scallop dish with another of Gordon’s dishes - Scallops and new potato salad with summer truffle dressing instead.

I hope he won’t mind. In fact I think I’ve given myself one marginally more challenging than that intended for tonight but hey, at least I’ll be able to enjoy it!

I have added my little hat to the cookalong live map which is filling up rather nicely and am pleased to see the proliferation of little Waitrose hats rather than Tesco (thought there’s a lot of those of well). Waitrose we well prepared and had piled their scallops high, the people either side of me on the fish counter seemed to be clutching very similar lists to mine and it seems that I won’t be alone in my ministrations tonight. I guess the latest of the hour will dampen many an ardent spirit but as MC can duly testify, I am not afraid of dining late occasionally!

I can’t bring myself to say “ready, steady cook” so instead it will have to be “on your marks, chop!

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