Friday, January 04, 2008

Mozzarella in carrozza

We’d spotted the idea whilst flicking through a stack of our old favourites – Olive, Delicious and Waitrose Food Illustrated and when I mentioned to D that I didn’t think I’d ever had eggy bread she thought we really should address this. I suspect this particular version first came to my attention when Nigella extolled the virtues of these soggy and pulpy mozzarella in a carriage (a bread one, I assume) on Nigella Bites when it first hit our screens. She recommended using ‘white plastic bread’ as the texture does rather lend itself to squelching the two halves together in the eggy, milky mixture. Be prepared to get a little messy!

We made some sliced mozzarella sandwiches out of our crustless white bread and dipped each side into a little flour. Then the floury sandwich was flipped over in a shallow dish of beaten egg, milk and black pepper. The whole sandwich was fried in a little oil and butter until tinged with golden brown.

The recipe did suggest perhaps a little leftover Parma ham could be added to the sandwich before anointing in the egg-blushed bath, but the likelihood of there being any leftover meat products in this house was slim and none and today was no exception.

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