Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The littlest parcel!

Oh my, it’s so very nearly two years since I started Have Fork Will Travel and I seem to be currently lingering in the category of “blog-dodger”. It’s all the usual excuses, work commitments, not feeling at my best regularly and then when I do get the chance seemingly hit by “toiling over a hot keyboard” fatigue as frankly that's how I spend much of my working day.

But I’m still eating, watching good and frankly culinary car-crash cookery shows, visiting fabulous eateries, whipping up some fine home epicurean delights and soaking up great cookbooks so enough with the excuses and on with the blogging!

I’ve have received a little parcel that has woken me out of my blogging reverie in the ever wonderful Blogging by Mail event run by the ever patient Stephanie of Dispensing Happiness. The theme this time was the littlest things as I guess all of us have been burnt by the ever increasing shipping charges to send our packages to our grateful fellow bloggers.

But Anne from Sweden of Anne’s Food sent me the dinkiest package crammed full of tiny little treats. I got some leopard print truffle cases which are fabulous and very diva-ish and I look forward to filling them with some gorgeous chocolate-y joy! A little black bird notebook flew out next and then I could start tucking into some wonderful miniature liquorice goodies – Kick – sweet liquorice, Salta Katten (Salty Cat, salty liquorice) and Lemon Lakritski which you may have guessed is lemon liquorice (Anne points out the rather politically incorrect packaging which looked like an alarmed golliwog!). There are some tasty biscuits called Ballerina which Anne says are a Swedish version of Oreos, though I haven’t had Oreos for a long time I think these were crumblier and shortbread-y. There were tiny boxes of Violet gums (Viol), Tutti Frutti orange gums and Zoo gums adorned with a rather guilty looking chimpanzee. It is a cornucopia of diminutive Swedish delights and I love that Anne’s delicious looking blog banner depicting chocolate adorned raspberries is also on her notepaper.

Thank you so much Anne, these were lovely, I've enjoyed reading another passionate foodie blog and how did you know how much I like liquorice! Thank you also to Stephanie who organises all of this and when my last blogging by mail parcel unfortunately never made it from Hong Kong, she ever so kindly sent me a surprise package herself - which will get full justice here one day! That special day when all I get to do is blog!

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