Friday, April 11, 2008

Another seriously good Serious Food

Those people at Serious Food are very good! I have adored their hot chocolate fondant in the dinky little cup from the moment I first clapped eyes on them in Waitrose and then met the ever so delightful Serious Fooders at the Taste of London festival last year. And they are as lovely as their desserts.

Then I discovered a new fabulous addition to their range in a new gorgeous little white ceramic pot. The revamped pot has three little dents for your middle fingers on one side and one more for your thumb on the opposite side. That means that you can grip your chocolaty dessert comfortably and not let one morsel slip through your fingers – clearly pretty critical! And you have to admit it looks ever so fine crowning my YSL heart-shaped (so beloved of N!) porcelain plates and finished off with a similarly shaped Alessi espresso spoon.

And the delicious new pot of loveliness? That would be (I hope you’re sitting down M?) Gianduja Mousse with Sea Salted Caramel and it has a twin. And what you get in your gently dimpled cup is a sea salted caramel sauce topped with a gianduja chocolate praline mousse, decorated with chocolate shards and roasted hazelnuts. Oh my! And it is as good as it sounds!

For the curious amongst you Gianduja or sometimes called Gianduia is a hazelnut and almond sweet chocolate speciality of Turin. I also believe that Nutella is a distant cousin, a product that I can honestly say I don’t think I have ever tried, perhaps my dislike of peanut butter sublimely armed me against it.

But the Serious Food dessert – I recommend you get your hand around that curvy little pot as soon as you can. And if Ocado had it on their books, my life would be complete and also M could taste what I am talking about. Hurry up Ocado, your public are waiting!


Beth G. said...

Hi!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for a truly STUNNING BBM Package!! You made my day!! I took some photos and will get the post up over on my blog very soon, you are AWESOME!! (and I love your blog too!)

Thanks again,
Beth in California

Lina said...

that heart spoon is adorable...