Thursday, April 03, 2008

And now we are two!

So this sadly slightly lapsed blog has staggered to its second bloganniversary. I’m sure you’re sick of reading my excuses for my dearth of posting despite a cornucopia of some very blog-worthy eating and frankly so am I for making them. So that's it, no more apologies, I will just promise to get back to blogging as often as I can. I now have 654 gastronomic musings and have had over 39,000 visitors - some of those must have had a shock! I guess some of the popularity must be due to the Food Network's travel and food show aptly named Have Fork Will Travel, but I got there first (two years ago if we're counting!) so if you've googled that particular show and got me instead please pull up a chair and have a bite to eat. You might enjoy it!

One of the issues has definitely been my Virgo tendencies that force me to post everything in order and I do always want to attach the correct date to an event. So in order to not be stifled by posting one occasion directly after another which can create bottlenecks when a particular meal doesn’t inspire me as much as others, I will add each new piece to the list on the right in the "order of posting" not in "chronological order". Then those whose tell me off for confusingly leaping back and forward in time in my own culinary Tardis (M that’s you!) will be able to check what is newly added to the blog and not necessary recently experienced. I must admit that I do get drawn to blogging events which are more photogenic that the murkily recorded meals and being able to just post as the mood takes me will hopefully help get all things flowing again.

So in honour of my new found resolve please see the latest shiny new posting under Most Recent Forkfuls, and there should be another new lengthy Anglo-French addition before the night is over.

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