Tuesday, April 29, 2008

And on a school night...!

Tonight I am on a flying visit to Cambridge, I have been lured over with the promise of oh joy of joys, a kitchen gadget party and arriving in D’s vibrant kitchen some enticing lemony, garlicky, chicken-y aromas are making me doubly delighted to be here. D has consulted the rather classic May delicious for inspiration, which has already helped me out this month, and from the article entitled spring chicken (which unsurprisingly, is chock-full of ‘chook’ delights) has picked the winner for this evening - Garlic roast chicken on potatoes with rosemary and pancetta.

Tying on her chicken garnished apron she has simmered the sliced potatoes, anointed the chicken in a garlic and lemon paste, doused it all with white wine and whipped up this admirable feast.

How this got past the chicken-hating fat and carb dodging GT is a mystery but I am so glad it did, it was a fabulous treatment for a frankly enormous beast - MC was buying for a village perhaps and selected a chicken crossed with an elephant!

And all this on a school night, D with your plump glistening bronzed bird you are spoiling us. And for another shocker, GT asked if he could have more chicken skin! A convert perhaps?

Update: I must make a public apology for daring to insinuate that G-my body is my temple-T would have indulged in the murky world of chicken skin. Whilst turning my plate to its good side for its photograph I hadn’t paid enough attention to the fact that his portion had already been denuded of the offending crispy and ever so fatty chicken jacket before deigning to appear in front of him. How could I have such cast such a slanderous aspersion that he may have joined the dark side, I feel suitably chastised!


Anonymous said...

I did not in actual fact ask for another bit of chicken skin I was merely making a joke about it. As I did not receive any chicken skin (because I didn't really want any) please could you make amends to your blog.
LlcT aka GT

Anonymous said...

You don't know the power of the dark side...

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