Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A tale of two meals

Whilst catching up with D earlier this evening we ended up discussing what delights she was planning for dinner and for once I didn’t immediately hanker after an invite and start perusing train timetables! GT in his ‘my body is my temple’ phase had found an ‘interesting’ looking recipe in the latest issue of Muscle & Fitness (or something equivalent) and frankly I wasn’t keen to hear more. But as I didn’t have to eat it, at least I could poke fun at it! The sumptuous feast GT had set his currently and inadvertently little ginger heart on was tasty egg-white scrambled egg with a little shredded turkey breast, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm! Aren’t you just salivating?

Whereas I popped into M&S on my home from work and espied the last packet of those Lochmuir salmon fishcakes with a watercress sauce oozing from its pink interior. I had some fabulous purple sprouting broccoli to hand and whipped up couple of spoonfuls of a creamy butter sauce laced with Parmesan and a few scrapes of nutmeg to anoint the dusky spears with. A simple meal and rather tasty!

75 miles away D has wisely insisted that the scrambled eggs had to have the yolks also as it really sounded too excruciating for words otherwise, and also how many eggs would you need for a decent portion of egg-white scrambled egg for three people – an entire hen coops worth perhaps? And the considered opinion from D is that scrambled eggs (obviously with yolk) fine also enhanced with a side order of granary bread, the addition of the turkey breast, really not so fine! GT seemed rather delighted with his new hot recipe, maybe all that protein has gone to his head. I’ll stick to my fishcake thank you very much.

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