Sunday, March 30, 2008

In the garden

I’ve been meaning to get a reservation at Petersham Nurseries for such a long time but you need to be quite prepared. You have to book at least 4 weeks in advance for a weekend sitting and also, I’ve discovered you should maybe furnish yourself with stout footwear - perhaps of the Wellington nature.

We didn’t even try to get a table, leaving it way too late and we were actually there on a herb mission anyway. But it seemed rather rude not to try any of the infamous Skye cooking so we thought we have a nice pot of flowery tea (so very appropriate) or fresh coffee and a piece of cake in the café. It is such a beautiful setting to relax, glance through the Sunday papers and have a bite to eat. Though the queueing up for the bakery goods and drinks was somewhat torturous which almost made us throw in the towel. (I'm guessing the "no credit cards" sign was there for a very clear reason and personally I think those 'yummy mummies' who chose to ignore it should have gone without cake as a penance!) But we didn't give up and finally got our tea and cake. Mine was vaguely chocolaty but wasn't really to my taste (perhaps it was too wholesome), D's was chock full of orangey almonds and considerably more moist and MC seemed pleased with his sticky, plump Chelsea bun.

I would really like to go back and eat properly and the tantalising aromas drifting over from the restaurant just confirmed that, so we will be better prepared next time.

And maybe I won't wear a brand new pair of rather high heeled suede shoes!
finally got our

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