Saturday, March 29, 2008

An underground treat

We’re going to sample the delights of Tom’s Place later but D and I have decided it might be worth a little King’s Road detour along the way! We've been distracted by thoughts of fabulous sparkly things; you see it not always about mash potatoes! MC is intrigued by our tenacity in the drizzly weather but when he realises that certain Thomas Sabo heart-shaped lovelies (see left) are in my sight, he understands.

But before the mission he wants feeding so we descend the stairs into the cool, light Daylesford Organics Café. In the centre of the room is a large solid table with tall chairs to teeter on and we’re lucky to find a free slot here. The choice seems to be between steamy bowls of organic vegetable soup, their famous artisan bread made into interesting sandwiches or omelettes.

With tonight’s fish in my mind I go for the hot and cold smoked salmon with polenta, salad and pumpernickel bread and am not disappointed. The salmon clearly has classy provenance, and the hot smoked salmon was just perfect flaking into deep rosy translucent slivers crowned with a dab of the feisty creamy horseradish sauce. A forkful of salmon with a morsel of the flavoursome soft polenta is also a very good thing! I was really impressed with the quality of Daylesford Organic produce, and they do a pretty good cup of tea as well. And another heart-shaped adornment, I think I see a theme!

I was shocked to see amongst all the goodies on sale was a vine tomato candle, almost definitely my idea of hell, but the stem ginger one that D bought me, considerably more heavenly!

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