Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cooking the Books - a programme after my own heart

There is a new TV starting tomorrow on Five at 6.30 pm called Cooking the Books which seems particularly up my boulevard! It is a show about cookbooks with a variety of celebrity chefs whipping up a few recipes from one of their recent missives.
The cookery club (the non-celebrity chefs in the studio) also showcase their interpretation of a recipe from a favourite cookbook of theirs. The host is the rather tasty Jeremy Edwards and I, being somewhat of a renowned cookbook addict, am the perfect audience for such an enterprise.
Also, I've noticed a rather intriguing trailer for the show, with all the food being made out of pages torn from cookbooks and with a very pastiche of the M&S food advert style voiceover.
Well I'll be tuning in, there may be someone mysterious on the 'top table' who has more cookbooks than they know how to count!

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