Thursday, November 15, 2007

A concerto for presto pasta

T and I were planning to go out for a bite to eat and a catch up tonight but then I suggested immersing ourselves in all that is chocolaty at the Hotel Chocolat evening of indulgence so we did. But after all that nibbling we still fancied something a little more. And something savoury! So we started walking around Kensington to see what we could spot. I had originally planned a meal at Roof Top Gardens but that all seemed a bit much after all that delicious chocolate so we decided that we just fancied a little pasta. And fortunately the first place we espied was Caffé Concerto and it looked a likely pasta place. Their creamy broccoli and bacon penne topped with a shower of fresh Parmesan strands seemed to hit the spot perfectly. It was late, the place was almost empty and the pasta took a little time which is encouraging as I think we got a fresh made sauce with broccoli still retaining a little bite and the pasta not soggy at all. If we had gotten our plates instantly I am fairly confident that our pastas would have been the result of a quick click and ping and not as good as they actually were.

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