Saturday, November 03, 2007

Another bite of the Big Apple for the divas

I’ve just returned from a trip to the good old U S of A, mainly New York to be exact. There was much good eating, a little not so good, an extravagance of fine shopping, some bowling and lots of jetlag. It seems I am extremely good at jetlag!
I have plenty to blog about to catch myself up again once I’ve slept... some sleep would be good now!


breadchick said...

Oh NO!! I wish I had known you were going to be in NYC!!! I would have loved to have actually met my "twin from the other side of the pond" :-(

Maybe next time!! Glad you had fun.

Ann said...

Looking forward to reading about your NYC adventures. Love your blog, love your photos, love your writing. (I'm not a stalker, just enthusiastic.)

DD said...


DD will forever hold fond memories of our second trip to the Big Apple! I had so much fun!

I cannot wait for next year! We only have 687 Duane Reade stores to visit!


laradunston said...

Love your blog! Love your lists of restaurants! Love your layout ;) ! And love mash as much as you! I'm so pleased I've discovered you. I'm a travel writer and have a little blog about what I find cool about travel and what inspires us all to travel, and I've just written about food blogs, including yours, and have linked to you. I will be checking in regularly. I'm wondering where in the world you are eating at now...?