Friday, November 23, 2007

Doing Genevieve proud!

I was supposed to be in Cambridge last weekend but felt so ill again (yes, I know – again!) that I put it off for a week and despite still not feeling 100% thought I should get myself on a train and help LLcT belatedly celebrate his eighteenth birthday. And thanks to D’s kindest ministrations I was met with a hearty meal from James Martin’s Great British Village Show Cookbook. D had decided on roast poussin with risotto and grapes with a nicely Parmesan-ed and lemon juice risotto. LLcT didn’t join us for this, he isn’t completely crazy about poultry but more importantly, wild horses wouldn’t persuade him to partake in risotto. But he really missed out, the plump poussin sauce had a pleasant fruity tang with the halved black and white grapes and apple juice and the risotto was delicious. I'm not sure if John Torrode would approve, you know how he feels about risotto being used as a side dish or accompaniment. He would have insisted that the poussin was shredded and mixed through the risotto rice. But fortunately neither the wide mouth John nor Gregg was joining us so we weren't accused of crimes against risotto. The heart-warming dish was heaped onto the rather fabulous Genevieve plates which coordinate rather well with the striking new turquoise tablecloth. And very fine it was all round.

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