Friday, August 27, 2010

Hit the Huts!

On my list of must photograph scenes were the popular, photogenic and ever so expensive beach huts in Wells. I'm not exaggerating about the price of these huts as one has just sold for nearly £70,000, and this is a small wooden shed that you're not allowed to sleep in! That's a serious amount to pay to ensure privacy when changing out of your sea-soaked bikini or applying sun cream away from stray sand particles (and I bet the sand gets in there anyway!) But all that aside they do make a lovely photo!
I had walked down to the beach and hoped the scraps of blue sky would remain long enough to fire off a few shots. There are a few brave souls who are frolicking in the sand but I'm on a one-track mission and after setting up the tripod and checking out my favourite huts I find an abandoned sand castle that clearly has suffered from an abortive siege and makes an evocative foreground.

The sky looks more promising out towards the sea and I didn't have to fear swimmers would interrupt my shot.

As I climb the steps off the beach I remembered that oft used photographers' maxim "look behind you!" as the back of the huts made an interesting composition. It's a shame about the shy, big, blue sky today, I just had to make do with the big, blue huts!

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