Monday, August 23, 2010

Just before I go...

Whilst having my final breakfast at Titchwell Manor of scrambled egg and smoked salmon I harked back to the fabulous Scrambled Egg Truffle Brioche Mushroom I had on arrival on Friday night. The breakfast scrambled egg was okay but I like mine a little softer and creamier so I decided I would enjoy one more lunch of the proper stuff before I head for Holt. The decision was helped by the August English summer weather which had been drenching the walled garden all morning. So I found a cosy spot in the Eating Rooms, nestled amongst the fat, orange cushions on the long sofa I wrote and enhanced yesterday's photographs. Fortunately I had been able to bask under the infamous big, blue sky and take some evocative panoramas so I had something to work with, today unless I plan to feature the big, grey skies of Norfolk I am not going to be so fortunate.

When lunchtime arrived I was planning just the Scrambled Egg Truffle Brioche Mushroom again but the lovely waitress Michelle (who's is hanging up her apron here for Mickey Mouse ears on the Disney Dreams cruises, though apparently working in the grownup restaurant means that ears won't be necessary!) suggested I tried the Rare Breed Pig Terrine, Gribiche, Croutons as a precursor to the truffle-y delight. And I probably wouldn't have tried it but I'm glad I did - definitely packed full of porky goodness and a lovely mild piquancy from the gribiche.

The scrambled egg was as truly delicious as last time and the scrambled egg was a stranger to the breakfast version.

And the accompanying Samphire Lemon Butter was both as succulent and as messy (is that just me?) as last time.

To finish, I'd spotted the Norfolk Strawberries with Lavender Cream on the blackboard but not being a fan of cream unless cooked I made some adjustments and had mine with a soupçon of Strawberry Ripple Ice Cream and Lemon Sorbet. A fruity, refreshing end to my meal.
Now I really must drag my suitcase across their gravel for one last time and head to my next destination. I've had a wonderful few days here, the stresses of the last few manic weeks melted either as soon as I entered my elegant room or tasted that first sublime mouthful of Eric Snaith's tasty and properly seasonal food. All the staff are charming and attentive and make you feel special. I must give special thanks to Margaret Snaith for welcoming me into her charming hotel, her son Eric, not just for the fabulous food but for taking time out after a busy service to talk about his philosophy and suppliers when I'm sure he just wanted to get his whites off and head home and Mark Dobby the manager of all this, whose passion seems to be shared by all. I am already planning my next visit, maybe I'll see what Christmas is like around these parts.

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