Thursday, August 26, 2010

Raining buckets in Wells

The rain didn't bother to tease today, it started with a torrential downpour, eased off slightly to fool the locals and visitors alike and then caught us all out again with another drenching. I had my eye on pictures of the pretty Wells beach huts and armed myself accordingly with tripod et al but neither myself nor my camera particularly like being rain-lashed so opted for the dryer mooching around the shops option instead.
When the hunger pangs started to strike just before 2.30pm I tried a couple of the local hostelries (namely The Crown and The Globe Inn) but was thwarted by the time and neither could (or would) offer me the merest repast so seeing the sky bruising again I opted to hop on the Coasthopper, check out the goodies at Big Blue Sky and then onto the Hoste Arms in Burnham Market. I know for a fact that it's warm and comfortable and at the very least I could get some afternoon tea. It doesn't strike me as the perfect day for afternoon tea, I'm traditional I feel the need for a balmy afternoon before really craving a scone slathered with strawberry jam and a some dainty crustless cucumber sandwiches. Today feels more like hot soup or something toasted and cheesy.
Due to entirely misreading the now very soggy bus timetable and cleverly choosing a stretch of road where there's no bus stop (otherwise I may have realised the error as clearly I wasn't where I thought I was) I had a very wet extended wait in the rain for the next bus and finally arrived at the Hoste Arms impersonating a drowned rat. At least I established that my camera bag was waterproof, the rest of me didn't fare so well. But I found an inviting fat leather squashy armchair and collapsed into it determined to have now a very late lunch. At least they could rustle up some warm cheese scones which really hit the spot. A perfect rainy afternoon tea!

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