Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Last night on the OE

It is our last night surrounded by all this opulence that is the Orient Express. And as it's our last night it is full dressing up and bling mode! We start off in the bar car with Kir Royale and canapés and then it’s into the Lalique dining car for the final evening meal. We start off with FRESH PASTA LAYERED WITH FRESH SALMON AND KING PRAWNS SEARED WITH HAZELNUT OIL & YOUNG LEEKS MELTED WITH VERMOUTH WINE and order a full bottle of red wine as we can always finish the rest off with brunch. Our main is a stunning FILLET OF BEEF ROASTED WITH SAVOURY HERBS AND SAUTEED FRESH DUCK FOIE GRAS WITH BRAISED LETTUCE, DICED CARROTS & POTATO ANNA. The beef was supposed t be served with mango and green pepper chutney but mine came with a much tastier morel sauce. I’ve had the most stunning beef and foie gras on this trip, how can I go back to hot wings? My choice of fine cheeses was CAMEMBERT, BRIE DE MEAUX and a SOFT CHEESE WITH RAISINS. As I wasn’t partial to TIRAMISU WITH CARDAMON CUSTARD but the chef whipped me up an amazing layered chocolate mousse creation.
A massive improvement on Tiramisu.

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