Friday, May 26, 2006

Great British Farce!

Oh no - no Gary! It's not that I think that Atul Kochhar is not a talented chef – every time I see him in competition against other chefs he is constantly praised for his subtle spicing but how can he beat such a bastion of fine British fare? I haven’t eaten any of Atul’s cooking as I am not a fan of Indian food but I think if I had to eat Indian food, I like to try Benares. However, given a chance I would always plump for Gary. Gary’s apple dessert looked stunning and apparently tasted sublime but the Great British menu judges who have been so scathing of the odd non British ingredient or French technique just lapped up all the Indian spices – hmmm. Personally a Great British Menu competition without Gary is a travesty; I am booking my next visit to Rhodes24 as soon as possible!

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