Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Farewell to Venice and back on board

We bid farewell to Venice and board our beautiful train again – this time Bruno is looking after us. Strangely enough we are very hungry – even after we’ve seemingly consumed our body weight several times over, we are looking forward to our next meal. And this is lunch in the third dining car, with the wooden marquetry panels. The starter is ASPARAGUS WRAPPED WITH DELICATELY CURED PORK BELLY WITH WHIPPED BITTER ORANGE SAUCE & PARMESAN WAFER. The whipped bitter orange sauce is totally stunning, I intend to recreate it at the first possible opportunity. We have been entrance by the cutest little silver salt cellar at every meal, even though I don’t normally need to add salt, I am compelled by this one. We decide to procure a couple for souvenirs for ourselves (purchase not steal- obviously!) from the on-board boutique after our meal. The main is STONE BASS FILLET COATED WITH TOASTED SESAME SEEDS AND BAKED ON ITS SKIN, FENNEL BULB SIMMERED WITH VEAL GRAVY & STAR ANISE & PARSLEY POTATOES. To astound and confound our wine waiter I opt for a tasty dessert wine to accompany all courses – it actually went very well as it wasn’t too sweet. Obviously it went very well with our HONEY & CANDIED FRUIT ICE CREAM WITH CHERRIES & KIRSCH but it was very acceptable with the asparagus and fish also – and it gave the waiter the chance to raise his eyebrows every time he topped up our glasses! I aim to amuse!


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