Monday, May 01, 2006

Lunch from Austria to Italy

Seemingly moments after breakfast we are seated in the Chinese dining car with the japanned panels (or would that be Chinesed panels?) Our starter is WHOLE SCALLOPS TOSSED IN SLICED SCALLOPS MARINATED IN ARGAN OIL AND LIME – the contrast of the pan-fried and marinated scallops is sublime! The scallops are sat upon a very finely sliced something possibly filo pastry. We then have VEAL FILLET BRAISED WITH FRESH GINGER, CARAMELIZED POMEGRANATE SEEDS JUS, SAUTÉED TENDER ARTICHOKES AND SUGAR PEAS (AND BUTTERED WILD RICE FOR EVEYONE ELSE) AND ASPARAGUS FOR ME – very succulent! And to finish off we have the lightest FINGER OF GENOESE PASTRY WITH RASPBERRIES, PRALINE CREAM AND ALMOND MILK. It seems that Italy is more occupied that Austria and as we chuff through the Italian countryside our navy and goldness are much admired as we pass through the platforms – a real head turner!


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