Friday, June 06, 2008

Steak and spears!

I had one of those moments on the way home. I was stood staring at the frankly denuded shelves of the teeny tiny M&S Simply Food at the station and tried to get inspiration. The decision should have been easy as they was so little choice. You can't really go wrong with English asparagus so I grabbed the last packet of asparagus tips (M&S don’t seem keen on the rest of a asparagus spear so they can appear a tad stumpy) and a fine hunk of fillet steak liberally encrusted with peppercorns. The multicoloured peppercorns looked more attractive in the packet and took the opportunity to either fall into the pan or char slightly when the steak got a little frying. But despite it looking a little singed and crusty around the edges, it was perfectly cooked, rosily rare and with a hint of the piquant charcoal-ly pepper jacket was succulent-ly tasty. The asparagus tips just got steamed and napped with a spoonful of fabulously Parmesan-laced creamy butter sauce, still one of my favourite ways to anoint my spears or tenderstem sprigs. And with a small bunch of lamb's lettuce generously doused in balsamic as the final flourish, a not too shabby feast for a Friday night fast food fix, a ne'er a golden arch in sight!

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