Thursday, June 05, 2008

The best muffin, man!

I know, a muffin – not terribly exciting in the world of gastronomic delights but this one was a little special. Firstly I could tell it had spooky powers as whipping through the coffee shop at one of my clients, I had no intention of purchasing anything but a whiff of chocolate made me turn on my heels and a basket of these muffins caught my eye. And what an exquisite sight they were, all higgledy-piggledy looking so home-made with their little rustic brown paper cases. I could believe some jolly cheeked cook clad in a large white apron topped with a mop cap keeping stray tendrils from her hair escaping had produced a slightly battered muffin tray from her Aga, just for me. Though in reality, they probably emanate from a large steel industrial oven in a soulless warehouse on some North London trading estate and this new homespun look is all a clever marketing ploy to lure an unsuspecting passing chocolate muffin-fancier. And it worked! But it would all have been to no avail if it wasn’t a pretty good chocolate muffin, with crumbly slightly chewy lumps of chocolate nestling in moist oh-so-moreish rich chocolate cakeiness. And the final flourish of a sweet white drizzle was indeed the icing on the cake!

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Katie said...

YUM that looks absolutely delicious!