Sunday, June 08, 2008

The one that got away!

So here we are kicking our heels in Axminster and wondering what we should do before hitting the long road home. And whilst we ponder I catch up the latest Mark Hix column from the Independent on Saturday which I just happen to receive on my BlackBerry – yes I know I can hear cries of “food geek!” And lo, he is talking about his latest venture in Lyme Regis and what little pearl of Dorset just happens to be in our vicinity? Yes you are right, Lyme Regis! So even though we read that Hix Oyster and Fish House is not due to open until mid June we thought we’d head that way and check out Lyme Regis anyway.

After meandering along the front watching the happy sun-seekers licking their tightly grasped Mr. Whippys and admiring the pastel coloured holiday cottages we find the lovely looking, wood -clad restaurant perched on the hill with a cracking view of the seaside activity on this surprisingly stunning summer’s day.

The staff looked poised for action but if they were serving up food it was for invited guests only and even though they suggested returning tomorrow, we had to be city bound again. We’d enjoyed a tasty full English breakfast with jewel-bright fruit as a chaser at our lovely guest-house not that long ago so we probably would have struggled to polish off the merest morsel of a crab sandwich anyway but it was still disappointing. But all wasn't lost, we just fed off the view of the sparkling sea and added this to list of things to do if we're ever Dorset-way again.

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