Monday, July 21, 2008

Wide eyed and jetlagged!

Okay I am back! Well certainly in body if not entirely in mind. What is it with me and jetlag? I have visited some fabulous new places, revisited a few old friends, met many lovely new people (and a few frankly way beyond mild eccentricity!) I have enjoyed many delicious meals and just a couple that were only rather average but all will indeed be revealed!

I need to set down my fork for a while and pick up a pen (well metaphorically as I generally type my blog) but I have so many tales to tell and I promise that once the fog has cleared slightly and my email inbox looks less bulging I will be furiously blogging.

Just as a taster - there was chilli with everything, eating at the top of the world, an extended tour of the lesser known Amtrak stations, wondering if the shower would ever stop moving, traversing several US states, being called ma’am more times a day than maybe the queen, spectacular jaw-dropping scenery and a great train – but thankfully, no robbery!

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