Monday, July 14, 2008

Salmon in Sausalito

We now get to enjoy a bit of Californian sun as we arrive in Sausalito. We are really here to eat which is a bit of a shame as it would be nice to have more time to find about the hill people and the house boat people. Though I’ve read that there are a lot less house boat people as the considerably richer hill people felt that the watery communities were impeding their stunning view.
When we were told yesterday that lunch was ‘salmon’ there was a lot of mumblings of dissent, though I’m not sure why. I like salmon like the next person but I guess I thought we’d have some pale, slightly flaccid poached fillets but I think everyone was pleasantly surprised by the juicy seared salmon fillets that looked like they’d just been whipped off an enormous barbecue.
The wedge of tiramisu was a little too solid and way too coffee laced for my tastes but sated by the fine salmon it gave me the opportunity to leave the others eating and have a little mooch around the crafty shops of Sausalito to secure the obligatory fridge magnet (plus the tiniest of ducks for D, sadly they were right out of chickens!) before hitting the ferry. The houses on the hill are rather attractive all perched on the hillside like pastel birds.
As we waited to board we were able to enjoy the sights of the waterfront.
Holding onto our hats, the ferry glided out of the pretty bay lined with the chocolate-box houses back to San Francisco and Pier 39.

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