Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm baaaaack

I know it’s been ages. And it was never my intention to not blog; I just found everything else got in the way. Firstly there was a series of laptop disasters that removed my main tool of blogging, followed by tons of work commitments, various trips away of both business and pleasure nature and even a occasionally a mixture of both, followed by bouts of jetlag and various malaises.

I am so fortunate with my jetlag, I don’t need to travel far to get it, I don’t have to board an aeroplane or even cross a time zone, I am just incredibly lucky like that! Maybe jetlag is just too an exotic word for it, as many times it’s sleep deprivation from working too late in the office and then having some commuting challenges getting home, occasionally sipping sangria and listening to fellow colleagues burst into song in a Spanish hotel – and much to the consternation of other guests. Oh that was work by the way - mostly!

There was hanging around an airport for six, seven hours and then getting home around 3am, not strictly jetlag but definitely airport-lag. And then was a matter of an extended New York trip that cast its usual spell of making me want to sleep at inappropriate moments and being utterly unable to sleep when I should. But that is official jetlag, something I could do professionally if they ever think of making it a sport!

But enough of the excuses, I have the rest of my wonderful US train holiday to record, there’s a raft of fabulous and delicious Michelin starry meals I enjoyed around my birthday – not that I needed an excuse, but it’s as good as one as any! There’s DD and I hitting NY in every sense, or should I say hitting New Yorkers! Hmmmm, not our finest hour! And bookshelves positively groaning with the latest and greatest foodie tomes. Having some Virgo characteristics I must blog in order so I will clear out my ‘most recent forkfuls’ as they are hardly recent and then you won’t miss anything. Now all I’ve got decide is where to start now I’m back, back, back.

Happy digesting...

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Anonymous said...

Oh, don't remind me! I amm still freaked out when i think about it... I was telling Lozza about it and she laughed!